SMSF Strategy & Advice

We offer advice to help you with your self-managed superfund (SMSF) strategy whether you’re a retiree who is self-funded, a business owner looking to maximise assets within super or an individual wanting to take control of your own superannuation investments.

We follow a hands-on approach towards strategic SMSF planning, helping you with the following:

  • Understanding the value of setting up an SMSF
  • Setting up and structuring an SMSF
  • Bringing existing assets into an SMSF
  • Maximising returns through strategic investments
  • Best investments for your SMSF
  • Identifying the best tax outcomes by utilizing an SMSF
  • Managing changes to personal circumstances such as a marriage breakdown
  • Compliance and administrative needs for your SMSF
  • Best ways to utilise an SMSF in retirement

Trident Financial Group is dedicated to helping you structure the most suitable SMSF strategy for your particular needs. We can also assist with protection of existing assets and estate planning based on changes to your lifestyle.