Wealth Accumulation

Every person wants to build their wealth, but it is a complex journey that is full of risks and traps. This is where Trident Financial Group can help.

We work closely with you to help you put the right strategy in place, and identify the risks and rewards in every investment opportunity. We constantly review your strategy with due consideration for economic, legislative and personal changes to help you maximise your outcome. We help with:

  • Spending plans, cash flow and potential for ongoing investments
  • Continuing suitability of your financial future
  • Ownership structures for investments (superannuation, trust ownership and personal)
  • Investment gearing strategies and debt levels
  • Tax consequences of your investment strategy and the assessment of the impact of any potential capital gains tax
  • Benefits of extra superannuation contributions against non-superannuation investments
  • Personal risk insurance strategies
  • Impact of lump sum expenditure needs like home purchases, travel expenses and home renovations
  • Financial modelling to determine future investment values and cash flow, along with retirement income sustainability

If you are a business owner, we can also work with you comprehensively across all your assets – not just elements in isolation.