Community & Not For Profit

Trident Financial Group recognises the heavily regulated nature of the community and not-for-profit page-item in Australia. Our experts understand the page-item comprehensively, and are aware of existing and proposed legislative frameworks that can affect the sector.

The community and not for profit page-item incorporates a wide range of sectors like education, aged care, sports and religion. These sectors are often susceptible to regulatory changes and funding pressures from state and federal governments, making effective governance a key criterion of success.

Key Factors Influencing the Industry

  • Heavy reliance on government funding makes this sector highly regulated.
  • Early anticipation of regulatory changes enables quicker adaptation and less pressure.
  • Challenges in acquiring fresh investments from non-government entities.
  • Challenging to attract skilled personnel to implement strategic business controls and deliver high-level governance.
  • Difficulties in generating adequate revenue to mitigate debt.
  • Reputational risks owing to prevalence of social media.
  • Competition from private sector involvement in similar industries pressuring the sector.
  • Vulnerable to unprecedented funding cuts and issues with compliance.

Factors to Consider

Can government structures ensure legislative framework compliance and improve standards and controls?

Trident Financial Group understands that businesses in the community sector are highly regulated and vulnerable to funding cuts for failure to comply. We comprehensively understand legislative frameworks and proposed regulatory changes, along with their impact on institutions in the sector. We assist with testing controls and help staff build a governance structure that aims to improve continuously.

Can the institution prepare for anticipated legislative framework changes and are there enough systems in place to identify impact?

We have considerable experience in dealing with several organisations and can successfully help you navigate through changing regulations, governance, strategy and financial controls, allowing them to deal appropriately with challenges that arise.

Do Board Members know the relationship between the capital base of an entity and the required surplus for maintaining and improving capital?

We have experience in cash flow management and restructuring across industries in the profit and not-for-profit sectors and understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We help you arrive at the best strategy to achieve the right capital structure for your stakeholders. Our approach is personalised to reflect current market demographics and goals of each organisation.

What can Not-For-Profit organisations do when faced with several changes?

Trident Financial Group understands that several factors can impact organisations. We focus on the fundamentals like tight controls to mitigate cash losses and strong governance structures to enhance an organisation’s ability to attract funding, while keeping up with current market and regulatory framework.

At Trident Financial Group, we use our expertise to help every organisation we work with navigate through challenges effectively.