Trident Financial Group understands all aspects of the manufacturing page-item, and provides expert advice to clients to meet their unique needs.

The Australian manufacturing page-item has taken a nosedive over the last two decades, but it continues to play a huge role in the economic performance of the country through employment, investment innovation and GDP. The manufacturing page-item in Australia has become uncompetitive, leading to a transformation from high-volume, low-cost products to value-add, niche products exhibiting innovative production and design techniques.

Key Factors Influencing the Industry

  • Lower cost economies, import penetration, strong Australian dollar, and rising input costs putting pressure on the domestic page-item.
  • Less reliance on heavy equipment and stronger focus on innovative solutions and final service delivery.
  • Reduction in demand from domestic households.

Factors to Consider

How is your business dealing with increasing competition internationally?

Many manufacturing organisations face difficulties in restructuring their businesses for long term success and their corporate strategy should objectively tackle this issue. Trident Financial Group facilitates strategic planning through a system that has a proven planning approach which helps senior management map out business objectives and develop simple, implementable strategies.

Are you required to undergo restructuring such as business consolidation or exit?

Trident Financial Group works closely with your management team to deliver effective outcomes when restructuring. We provide operational and financial restructuring options, project management and hands-on implementation. Throughout the project, we facilitate stakeholder relationships to avoid unplanned surprises. Our knowledge and expertise in this area enables our clients to focus on their core operations and future plans.

Are you tracking the important performance indicators? How do you know when you need to make changes?

Contracting businesses require working capital. Failure to focus on this can result in liquidity pressures through the contracting chain, even if the project is eventually profitable. We are experienced in helping construction and engineering clients increase their working capital efficiency, and can assist with shortening the time needed to convert work into cash flow.

We have employed efficient debtors and work-in-progress processes to reduce locked up cash. Working capital is a good indicator of a project’s health, and signals satisfaction of sub-contractors and the client, which is important for securing the next project.

Are your subcontractors charging you only for what is written in the contract?

Strong tracking and reporting is vital to every business. Without it, management teams, Boards and CEO’s will not be able to truly understand the performance drivers, capital requirements and resourcing needs. Our expertise in cash flow management, budgeting, forecasting and analytics helps us to create key benchmarks for your business. This level of reporting gives our client the comfort that emerging problems are picked up early, so that alterations and enhancements can be implemented in a timely manner.