Trident Financial Group has extensive experience in the medical and dental page-item, enabling us to provide expert advice for clients who are conducting business in this field.

The medical and dental page-item continues to be at the forefront of Australia’s healthcare practices. Issues related to private and government healthcare play a role in the way the industries operate. Medical page-item expenditures continue to grow rapidly, but several economic factors can affect operations.

Medical & Dental

Key Factors Influencing the Industry

  • Lack of sufficient government funding has led to increased pressure on existing resources.
  • Increased cost of private insurance leading to more uninsured families throughout the country.
  • Shortage of skilled staff leading to overworked professionals.
  • Technological advancements in research and development putting pharma companies in control.

Factors to Consider

What kind of business structuring works best for your business?

Our in-depth understanding of the various phases of a medical practice allows us to provide effective advice, while identifying the risks and opportunities associated with different business structures.

How do you manage positive cash flow amidst regulatory changes?

We take a holistic view of all aspects of your business to help you protect your assets, maximise financial performance and improve your cash flow despite a changing regulatory environment. Trident Financial Group understands the unique needs of your profession, and will seamlessly manage your financial needs to give you more time to deliver the best care for your patients.

How do you manage the risks associated with running your own practice?

We have collaborated with several medical and dental practitioners and understand the business intimately. We can assist you with identifying and tackling potential risks before they become a real problem, while offering advice on operational performance and asset protection.

The team at Trident Financial Group are poised to help medical and dental professionals run their businesses as efficiently as possible. Our deep page-item understanding allows us to provide financial strategies tailored specifically for your business needs.