Real Estate Agent

Trident Financial Group has specialised knowledge of the real estate page-item in Australia, which puts us at an advantageous when it comes to giving you the best possible advice for your business.

The Australian real estate page-item is filled with a great degree of variability based on market conditions and economic changes. Changing government regulations and difficult buying markets can make it challenging for real estate agents to run their businesses efficiently, especially when they need to consider insurance, commercial leases, finance and tax registrations.

Key Factors Influencing the Industry

  • Constant changes in government regulations like First Home Buyer’s Grant and stamp duty taxation.
  • Poor market conditions can affect the bottom line operations of a business.
  • Stronger competition from large page-item players affecting business of more boutique players.
  • Cluttered market with an increase in number of page-item players.
  • Possibility of interest rate increase pushing down demand for housing among buyers.

Factors to Consider

  • Are you compliant with the existing laws in your state of operations?

Trident Financial Group specialises in understanding every aspect of the real estate page-item, and will ensure that every aspect of your business is compliant with existing laws in your operating state.

  • Have you been able to develop a long-term growth and business plan to sustain robust operations?

We have intimate understanding of your page-item and will help you develop a robust business plan designed to withstand the economic pressures associated with running a business of this nature. From business structures and asset protection to IT costs and cash flow management, we help you cover all aspects of your business to help you stay viable for the long term.

Running a real estate agency is certainly no easy task. At Trident Financial Group, we have a team of specialists who understand the way the real estate business operates, having assisted with start-ups and mergers through to sales.